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We encourage all of our families to take advantage of  our services and classes offered on Wednesday evenings. Being that there are many options and online classes available, our experts are face to face and teach evidence based education.  The classes have been designed to accommodate busy life styles and can be taken sequentially as a series or you can attend the ones that are most meaning full to you. Private Classes are available starting at $95.

Childbirth Education Classes are required for all first time parents, as well as those who will experience a Birth Center delivery for the first time.  

Relaxation and Comfort Measure Class - $45 . 7-9:30PM 2nd Wednesday of each month

This 2.5 hours class is ideal to take in your 2nd Trimester, but can be taken in your 3rd as well. Learning how to deal with discomforts of pregnancy will also naturally translate over to labor and delivery. It covers understanding pain, knowing your body, stress be gone, finding comfort when it seems impossible, positioning, benefits of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, massage and partner bonding. Although relaxation and comfort measures are covered in childbirth education class for birth, this is a 2.5 hr dedicated just to discomforts and relaxation during pregnancy & birth.This is an interactive class, please bring 2 pillows a mat or blanket and dress comfortably!

Pre registration is required.

Private & Virtual Classes are available to better for your schedule.

Childbirth Education Class $50 . 7:00-10:00 PM 3rd Wednesday of each month

This 3 hour course is for expectant mamas/couples, regardless if it is your first baby or if you are needing a refresher. Designed to help you feel prepared and confident when birthing, it has a strong focus on the benefits and tools for natural labor but also balanced with education on the medical interventions should they become medically necessary. Covers, Understanding the stages and phases of labor, Labor support techniques, Comfort & relaxation techniques, Medical interventions & c-sections
Postpartum care and realistic expectations Please bring 2 pillows, snack and drink if desired. Dress comfortably.

Pre registration is required.

Private & Virtual Classes are available to better for your schedule.

The Birth Center 101 Class $15 . 6:00-7:00 PM 3rd Wednesday of month

This 1 hour informational class is required for anyone delivering with us for the first time, but is also very beneficial even if planning on a hospital birth.  Topics covered: When to contact your provider, Ins and Outs of what to bring with you, Friends & Family at your birth, Postpartum care for mom; norms and monitoring your temperature, bleeding., Newborn Care; monitoring respiration, temperature norms and when to call your provider, Choosing a Pediatrician, Vitamin K & Eye Ointment for Baby, Delayed Cord Clamping.

Pre registration is required.

Private & Virtual Classes are available to better for your schedule.

Breastfeeding & Newborn Class $45 7-9pm 4th Wednesday of the month

The number 1 reason women give up breastfeeding is they do not believe they make enough milk.  This class will equip you with knowledge to know;  How the body makes milk, latching baby on, how to tell baby is getting enough, how to avoid sore nipples, newborn birth procedures, care, calming techniques, choosing a pediatrician and more. We also cover choosing a pump for your needs, pumping, storing and returning to work. If you have a pump you are welcome to bring and we will make sure you know how to properly use it.Partners and/or those who will help care for you and your baby are highly encourage to attend.

Pre registration is required.

Private & Virtual Classes are available to better for your schedule.

Complimentary Childbirth Consultant Session

We understand that planning for  your baby’s arrival can be a process with lots of questions.  Our Childbirth Consultant experts  will share with you tips and help you plan so that you have peace of mind.  We are only a phone call away.

Doula / Labor Support Services $275-$749

Our experienced certified doulas will help you plan and support you and your desire for the birth you want.  We love to meet with you before and journey with you throughout your pregnancy.  When you are in early labor we stay in contact with you and provide suggestions and comfort strategies.  We join you once admitted to the facility and stay up to 1-2 hours after delivery to help support baby’s first breastfeeding.

Click here on Doula Services for more information on how a doula can can improve your birth outcome. Our support services start as low as $275, with our most popular package being $749.  

Placenta Encapsulation $200-$275

Placenta encapsulation is a process in which, immediately following the birth of your baby, your placenta is dehydrated and ground into a course powder, which is then placed into small capsules just like any other vitamin or supplement taken. Mothers then consume these capsules to help them rebound from the birth, avoid postpartum blues, and boost their milk supply. On average you will receive about 100-125 capsules.Placentas contains at least 6 hormones and other natural substances that help the body to recover from birth. Some boost immunity in the new mom, some help lower stress levels, and others encourage the uterus to shrink back to size , which can help prevent excessive postpartum bleeding, whiling increasing milk production.

Breastfeeding Support /Lactation Consultation $75 office (Private in home $140-$165)

Breastfeeding is NOT suppose to hurt. Reach out for help, don’t wait till you become over whelmed.  Our Lactation Specialists, Kathy Bradley, IBCLC  & Sharim Algarin-Morris, CLE, CPE are available to trouble shoot over the phone at no charge.  If a consultation is needed, it is a 1-2 hr visit where we will problem solve with you and get everything moving in the right direction.  


We also encourage you to visit for evidence based breastfeeding information.

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