Holistic Prenatal Care and Natural Birth at the Hospital

Why not have the best of both worlds?

We offer prenatal care and postpartum care on site at our Winter Garden center, and state-of-the- art consultations and delivery services at the hospital, with midwives OB doctors.

During your pregnancy you will receive all care by our in-house providers in a warm and relaxed atmosphere at the Winter Garden center. You will have continual access to Childbirth Consultants that help you plan and prepare for the birth of your dreams. These dedicated team members are available to attend your birth and provide continued support as doulas and lactation consultants while you are at the hospital and under the care of our midwife OB Team providers.

Prenatal visits with our midwives begin as early in the first trimester as you desire and continue every four weeks until around 28 weeks, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter up to 42 weeks. Our Childbirth Concierge Consultants will work closely with you throughout your pregnancy as you develop a customized birth plan and breastfeeding support plan.

You and your partner will build connections with our birth doula team members who are available to accompany you during your hospital delivery as part of this birth option.  Your labor and delivery will be expertly managed by the midwives OB doctors at the hospital. Your postpartum care and visits at will once again be with our midwives at our Winter Garden center. 

We accept insurance for this package, and if you are a self-pay client please ask about our discount package price.

Email Juana at juana@commonsensechildbirth.org to discuss our fees, your insurance and self-pay contracts for midwifery care and birthing services.