Holistic Prenatal Care and Natural Birth in Our Center

The ultimate midwifery experience

Our birthing center option offers low risk women the ultimate birthing experience with midwives. A safe, natural, evidence-based care approach to your prenatal, delivery and postpartum care, coupled with personalized attention and support along the way.

Prenatal visits with our midwives begin as early in the first trimester as you desire and continue every four weeks until around 28 weeks, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter up to 42 weeks. Postpartum office visits and close follow up support is offered up until six weeks postpartum.

For the birth: – Skin-to-skin newborn care, delayed cord-clamping and a serene birth environment are standard at our birth center. Healthy women, experiencing healthy pregnancies are encouraged to use our birthing options such as birthing balls, birthing stool, and squatting. Other choices for delivery include eating and drinking, wearing your own clothes and of course water labor and birth to enhance the experience. Family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. You are part of the decision making process with a full understanding of what is happening at all times. The avoidance of interventions keep your chances of a cesarean delivery to a minimum. Our OB backup and hospital transfer arrangements ensure safe care for every woman.

We accept insurance for this package, and if you are a self-pay client please ask about our discount package price.

Email Juana at juana@commonsensechildbirth.org to discuss our fees, your insurance and self-pay contracts for midwifery care and birthing services.