Birth Center Birth. A birthing center birth offers you the ultimate midwifery birthing experience. A safe, natural, evidence based care approach to your delivery, coupled with personalized attention and support. Healthy women, experiencing healthy pregnancies are encouraged to use our birthing options such as birthing balls, birthing stool, squatting and other positions for delivery and of course water birth to enhance their experience. Family involvement is always welcomed and encouraged. You are part of the decision making process with a full understanding of what is happening at all times. The avoidance of interventions keep your chances of a cesarean delivery to a minimum. Our OB backup and hospital transfer arrangements ensure safe care for every woman. We encourage you to research the benefits of natural birth, there are many resources available.


Our Birth Assistants… are dedicated women who have committed to being at your birth in order to help you achieve the birth of your dreams. Typically they will come to the Birth Center during the second half of your labor to assist the midwife and to support you and your family through the birth. After your baby is born your birth assistant will be focused on helping you transition into motherhood by assisting with breastfeeding, keeping you comfortable and watching you and your baby closely through your postpartum recovery. Our birth assistants are caring, sensitive and knowledgeable and understand the type of birth experience you are looking for.


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